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Business platform

Digital presence


Business support

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Digital transformation



Better business performance

Even at your scale

We can help you boost your own internal projects and productivity, so you won’t be needing any more external providers. Agonos provides a proprietary platform, tailored to specific functionalities for your business purposes. 

The platform can be integrated into your existing infrastructure or combined with the optimization of your website, so you can have a fully-covered digital presence. 

Business platform

The capabilities of the platform involve:

  • dynamic reporting when you want
  • selective notifications to stay updated
  • multiple integrations with other systems – such as payment methods 
  • business logic for varied activities, such as order management or purchasing 

Digital presence

Running a business efficiently requires a strong digital presence.

We can harness the power of digital by:

  • building an attractive and user-friendly website with your customers in mind
  • integrating all your sales channels
  • increasing your business visibility and improving your brand reputation



Leverage the full power of your operations

Make smarter use of your resources. Improve your existing business operations or move them in-house to become self-reliant in your business. 

Every business runs differently. That is why we can provide custom automation for outperforming your operations and run your business more efficiently.


At an operational level, Agonos can assist you with the implementation of:

  • Business processes support
  • Marketing services and automation



Full access to our expertise

Leverage the knowledge of our team of experts with years of experience in digital technologies.

We can assist you in developing the best digital strategies for your company, with you taking control over implementation.

Digital transformation

We offer consultation in digital strategies for creating a roadmap for your company. We assist in showcasing how to use technology:

  • to create new competitive advantages for improving your business performance
  • by creating new products or upgrading the existing processes.

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